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VIPCO Strong Uncut Versions - UK research project

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Apologies, but typically I speak english. I hope thats ok?

I am a researcher from the UK and I am currently writing a book about VIPCO. I am searching the internet for references to VIPCOs strong uncut versions and came across the thread where Evil Gus mentions a catalogue called melody line?

I am trying to find out who distributed these films in europe and am hoping to contact them to find out how the distribution deal worked with VIPCO in the UK.

Could any of you shed any light on who distributed these films and where they were sold

the website relating to the reearch and the company is available at


It also holds a version of VIPCOs site before they went under.

I am also looking for VIPCO cassettes that I am missing. Mainly from the Strong Uncut label but a few others as well. From the early 80s and the 90s cult classcs range

thanks for your time and I hope you can help

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